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Crappie Jigs

Crappie jigs come in a billion colors, tails, weights, lengths, and they all catch fish. The key is matching all these variables to the conditions. Let's start first with color in regards to your crappie jig. Same as bass fishing and other types of fish your first thought is water clarity. If the water is clear go with more natural colors like albino, white, and shades of silver and blue. If the water is stained go with darker colors like chartreuse. Chartreuse has most likely caught more crappie than any other color. Everyone should have some chartreuse crappie jigs in their box. Also most lakes have some stained water in them at times even though the lake is known for clear water due to storms and runoff. Water clarity is not the only factor that affects what color you choose. Do not forget about the amount of sunlight and the wind. Do not forget that wind breaks up the sunlight penetration. If you have clear water and some wind, pink can be a great color for crappie or a combination of white and pink. On Lake Lanier, a crappie jig with a pink head and a white body can be dynamite. The next thing to talk about in regards to crappie jigs is the action of the lure which is many times decided by the shape of the lure which in turn affects the action of the lure. Same as fishing a jig for bass, you want less action in cold water. Therefore in cold water try crappie jig with very little tail action like a tiny shad tail bait. If you have warm water, you want more action like a curly tail. Next is the weight of the lure. In a nutshell when crappie fishing, you want a light weight jig and colder the water the lighter the jig for the slower fall similar to fishing a jig for bass fishing. In cold water, it is not uncommon to use a 1/64 oz crappie jig. In warm water, many times you use a 1/24 ounce crappie jig. You could write pages of info on this one ingredient. There are many factors affecting the weight of the jig like water depth and if you are fishing a vertical presentation or letting the jig fall naturally like with a pendulum cast where the jig falls back to you like a pendulum. Sometimes it is even necessary for the jig to fall a little faster so it creates more of a reaction bite if you know the fish are thick in a small area. Scent is also a big factor when crappie fishing. Many times people tip their crappie jigs with live minnows for the scent and the added action. hard to beat the action of a live minnow. Tipping a jig while spider rigging is as common as eating cereal for breakfast. everyone has done it and many rely on it. Overall, take a variety of jig color combinations in various weights and sizes and be prepared to give them what they want.


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