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Driftmaster Review

Driftmaster Rod Holders Review: Which rod holder to chose on you new boat is a popular question here at The Fishing Pharmacy. First and foremost, the rod holder needs to be very strong and durable. The Driftmaster rod holders have shined in this area and a big reason they have become the most popular rod holder among freshwater striped bass fishermen and catfish fishermen. Furthermore, the Driftmaster rod holders are guaranteed against breakage. The next important area is the style of fishing expected and the angle or angles needed. Each boat will represent different challenges. Be sure to observe how much room is needed to open compartments in the boat. Also may sure the rod butts will not block the opening of these same compartments. This is where the longer stems like the Driftmaster 255 10 Inch Stem Model come into play. The longer stems also make it where you do not have to bend over as far which is also welcome when compartments block your access to the rod. One of the most over looked points is whether to purchase right or left threads. On larger fish like striped bass and catfish it is very important. You want right threads on the starboard side of the boat and left threads on the prot side of the boat. For instnace, when trolling umbrella rigs for striped bass with the big motor trolling at 3 mph there is a lot of force on the rod holder. If you hang up the umbrella on the port side and you have right threads the rod holder will loosen instead of tighten resulting in teh rod holder to turn straight back which could result in the rod being pulled out of the boat. With a left thread rod holder, the rod holder will tighen and not budge. Overall, two series of the Driftmaster rod holders are most popular. The most popular model is the Pro Duo 255H and the Pro Duo 255Hl being that it can hold the rod at two different angles. The two angles being 0 degrees for downlining and 30 degrees which is great for planer boards to keep the line off the water. This series is by far the most popular with striped bass fishermen. The second is the new Pro Duo 455H. The Pro Duo 455H holds the rod at a 20 degree angle or a 50 degree angle. If you have any questions about which rod holder to choose do not hesitate to call us at 770-630-2673. If we don't answer we will respond as quick as possible. We are most likely fishing.


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