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Oxygen Safety

When it comes to catching fish any edge can mean the difference between a big win in a tournament or second and third place. In tournaments where live bait is used, this edge is many times pure oxygen. Pure oxygen use to keep live bait alive has exploded across the United States in the last few years. The use of pure oxygen has some inherent dangers that all anglers need to be aware of if they use pure oxygen. Below is a list of guidelines in the use of pure oxygen.
- Never use any type of oil around an oxygen cylinder or regulator. 
- Never touch the regulator valve with bare fingers due to the oil on your fingers from your skin. 
- Always securely mount the cylinder.
- Never mount the oxygen cylinder in an enclosed area like the bilge of a boat. 
- Never open the bait tank with a lit cigarette in hand. 
- Never use a regulator that appears to be damaged in any way.
- Aluminum oxygen cylinders need to be checked for safety every five years. 
- Steel oxygen cylinders need to be checked every ten years for safety.
- Before connecting the regulator, be sure to slowly open the tank valve to blow out any foreign material that may be flammable. After connecting the valve, open the valve slowly. 


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